Thursday, 7 April 2011

Seedy Saturday comes to Wrexham

Gardeners and allotment holders are planning a "Seedy Saturday" to swap seeds, plants and great gardening tips on April 16 (Saturday).

The event, which will also feature facepainting and activities for all the family, is being organised by Caia Community Gardens Association, which runs the allotments next to Pentre Gwyn Community Centre on the Abenbury Road, where the event is being held.

Heidi Di-Pietro, secretary of the association, said:
"This is a great way for new and experienced gardeners and people on the allotments around Wrexham to come together and share their surplus seeds, plants and we'll also have some experts on hand to give free advice and tips.

"We hope to attract people from the other allotments in Wrexham as well as gardeners who might want to swap plants and seeds."

The allotments at Pentre Gwyn were started just two years ago by a group of local residents and currently all 54 plots are taken. Local Plaid Cymru councillor for Whitegate Marc Jones, who chairs the association, said:
"The allotments here are currently full, as are all the others in the borough. We've got a short waiting list but anyone wanting to join is welcome to get in touch by coming along on the day or by contacting me on 01978 366 735 or"

The event is free and takes place between 1-5pm at Pentre Gwyn community centre, Abenbury Road, Wrexham. Refreshments will be available and there is limited parking outside the community centre.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Strawberries galore

For some reason, my strawberry plants have decided to produce loads of fruit this year. Six plants yielded about six strawberries throughout last year. Yesterday I collected a whole punnet from the same plants.

It's not the birds or slugs you have to worry about, it's eating them before you get home...

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Happy birthday barbie

Allotment holders enjoyed a great Barbecue at the weekend to celebrate our first birthday - many thanks to all who contributed their time and effort. Great time had by all.

We've also had a delivery of compost, which will help enrich the soil in parts of the allotment.

We current have about six vacant plots - if you want one get in touch @ marcvjones [at]

Sunday, 6 June 2010

New plotholders celebrate a year of our allotment

It's a year since we started turning over our allotments and the progress has been amazing - there are about 15 sheds and a couple of greenhouses on site and each plot has its own individual stamp (admittedly some are tidier than others).
For a variety of reasons people decided to give up their plots, but the majority have persevered and developed on last year's work. The turnover in plotholders since last year was something of a concern initially but it's been great to have new people come on board in the past couple of months who have seized the opportunity with both hands.
As a way of introducing everyone to each other and celebrating our first year as a self-managed allotment, the association is holding a barbeque on Saturday, June 19, starting at 4pm. All plotholders are welcome to bring their families along.

Monday, 15 February 2010

New year for the allotments

About 20 plotholders came down to the allotments yesterday for our annual general meeting, which covered a lot of ground.
I'm delighted to say that the Caia Community Gardens Association is going from strength to strength with a new chair - Geoff - and more people volunteering for the committee. The Association has a healthy bank balance and is self-sustaining. We agreed to keep the annual plot cost at £20 - existing plotholders are asked to pay up by the end of the month.
Some plotholders have, as expected, chosen not to renew and we'll be filling those plots from the waiting list.
Anyone without a plot who wants to be considered for a plot should get on the waiting list.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow go at the allotments

Some brave souls may be venturing down the allotments, but I'm afraid I'm not one of them at the moment.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Have an ice day!

It's a bit too cold and frosty to do much work at the allotment at the moment. Geoff ventured out and sent me this picture of the water trough frozen over.

Happy New Year's Day to all allotment holders - here's to a productive 2010, which will be our first full year.